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15 Ways to Advertise Your Direct Sales Business for Beginners

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Direct Sales can be an overwhelming side hustle to get into if you are new to the game. Nowadays, it seems like everywhere you look someone is selling something or promoting the ‘next big thing’.  But in all truth, direct sales or network marketing can really be a great way to make money and even make great friendships and professional relationships.

To succeed you really have to work at it, be consistent, and make goals for yourself.  This takes time and does not happen overnight.  I have two direct sales businesses that I represent, and love them both.  One I treat as a main business and the other as more of a side hustle.

As a stay at home mom, direct sales and network marketing can be a nice gig.

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Late 2011, I started in Network Marketing and worked with a company for over two and a half years. I learned a lot during that time and finally, was interested in returning to the industry.  I was able to apply the principles I learned then, into my business now.

Some of what I learned is how to advertise your business.  There are ways to do this both online and off.  It is up to you to utilize what works for you or hey, better yet, utilize all of these tips!  It all depends on what you want your business to do for you and what you are willing to do to make that happen.

So, let’s get to it!

15 Ways to Advertise Your Direct Sales Business - a beginning guide to advertising your direct sales business. #advertising #directsales #ds #beginnerdirectsales #directsalesbiz

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15 Ways to Advertise Your Direct Sales Business

Get social

This is obvious in this day and age.  Use Social Media to get the word out.  Create a business page or VIP group on Facebook.  Utilize Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest to share with people.

Get business cards

Pass them out everywhere.   Anyone who you talk to about your business should get a card. Put one in any outgoing mail.  Leave cards behind, wherever people can find them and possibly get you a lead.

Make flyers

Post them on public bulletin boards at the library, grocery store, laundromats, apartment complex rental offices, etc.

Post free ads

Search online advertising sites and get to posting, everything from your on hand merchandise to your business opportunity.

Check your local papers

A small community paper may allow you to publish an ad that is fairly inexpensive.


These are great places to network and build relationships with other like-minded people.  Make sure to add your business information in your signature and people will get curious.

Register your business in free search engine sites

Search for some online and add your info to their database so people can find you.

Advertise on your car

Most likely you’re using your car for a variety of reasons, so, use it for your biz.  Make a car magnet for your business, bumper sticker or window sign.

Promote in your local neighborhood

Drop catalogs or flyers door to door with a note introducing yourself.

Make small Swag bags to keep with you

Include a business card, sample or freebie, (such as candy) and current promo info.  Give them to anyone that may show or have interest in your business.

Wear your advertising

Invest in a piece of jewelry, a pin, a shirt or bag that has your biz info on it or a great tag line to stir interest.  Most likely your company already has something like this to provide you.

Get a yard sign

This is more local advertising, sometimes your neighbors can become  your best customers and get you referrals.  Make sure to remind them of what you do and use your yard to promote that.

Make videos

Share yourself and your products.  This helps for people to see you in action and connect with you.


In addition to making videos, blogging is another great way for people to connect with you and get to know your brand. This is my favorite method because it’s a lot of fun! Direct Sales is less about selling and more about sharing, networking, and getting to know people along with their wants and needs.  Show people who you are, share your enthusiasm and knowledge, and things will happen.

Create a website

If Blogging isn’t for you, creating a website can be a great way to show off your business aside from your affiliate site. Websites like Weebly and Wix are great for this and can help with driving traffic.  They also can be useful in showcasing on hand merchandise.

These are just 15 ways to advertise your business.  For anyone new to direct sales these tips are a great starting guide. They will aid you in developing a following and to getting the word out there.  Stay consistent, be yourself and share valuable information.  Have fun and be creative, the ideas are endless of how to advertise.  Think outside of the box and you will be sure to come up with so much more.

To great success! 🙂

15 Ways to Advertise your Direct Sales Business for beginner's - a beginner's guide to advertising their new direct sales business. #directsales #directsalesbusiness #beginnersguidetodirectsales #ds #advertising

Are you in direct sales? Please share what works for you in the comments below.

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