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Sunday’s, a chance for reflection with a grateful heart…and a cup of coffee

Here is a new monthly post where I reflect on the weeks and express some gratitude for them. Life today moves fast and we are all generally just trying to move to the next thing, the next moment.  This is my way of stopping everything and examining the positive and beautiful moments experienced during the month.

With a cup of coffee in hand…

Life isn’t easy.

Motherhood is hard.

Marriage can be difficult at times.

Things happen at the drop of a hat that can pose hardship.

Finding balance with work and home can be a challenge.

That is reality.

But in between those tough moments there is beauty, kindness, and love.

Moments of pure joy. 

That is the gem of a grateful heart.

Grateful Sunday's & a cup of coffee is a reflection of the previous week and all things gratitude! #begrateful #findingbalance #havingagratefulheart #reflection #conlonlaceblog

This Sunday’s reflection:

  • My daughter has been fighting this crazy cold all week.  While I had some dealings with it too she got the most of it.  Amidst the cough, stuffy nose and lack of energy she continued to smile big and have a good time. Her smile makes me smile.
  • The resilience of a child is a beautiful thing.  They can teach us a lot if we let them.  Living through my children’s eyes has been the greatest gift. That renewed perspective of life is what it’s all about for me.
  • Every morning my son gets up and I walk in to give him some milk.  He always reaches out with his hands flipped under and arms close together.  It’s the cutest manner of reaching out that I have ever seen and I get to see that every morning.  It’s the best. Really.

Grateful Sunday's #gratitude #reflection #findingjoy

  • My husband has been blessed with an amazing boss.  A man who appreciates family and values talent. We couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like him in his work life. He is a rare breed in the trades today. The hubs has had a full schedule this week and works extremely hard for us without complaint while allowing my daughter to play Pow Pow (or play fight) with him every evening through exhaustion…it brings her joy and in turn brings him joy.
  • My daughter noticed this cardinal that visits in our front window.  There is a tree that sits where this bird always comes too. Seeing the light in her eyes when she points it out is like no other.  I like to say it’s grandma visiting. Maybe in some way that’s where the excitement lies for her.  It makes my heart melt every time.
  • While this week was a sick filled one, existing of extra cartoons and new movie viewings for my little girl. (School of Rock has peaked her interest in the drums ha!) It was one I can reflect upon and be grateful for.

Grateful Sunday's #begrateful #reflection #findinjoy


Slow things down

Be in the moments

Smile more

Laugh often

Remember the gestures

The sounds

The looks

It all means something

It’s all part of the big picture

Not the stuff

But the people

The moments

For this I’m grateful ♥

Coffee cheers to a beautiful day and gratifying month!


What are you grateful for this month?  Comment below.

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