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A little about me…

Well, I started this blog because it’s a creative outlet.  I always found some comfort in writing when I was younger and like many things it was put on the back burner while life happened. This rings true for most. Things get put on hold or even forgotten.

And I missed it…

Since having children I felt that I went through this awakening…if that’s what you call it. This hyper awareness of everything past and present. Realizing past mistakes, current challenges, awaited victories and just a greater sense of self with this whole new outlook.

It’s hard to put into words and maybe it was the loss of my mother that caused this awakening but it has changed me. I’d like to think I’m a better person for it…my children have also given me new eyes as if I was blind before them.

Now this awareness spans into things outside my home as well as the little moments within it.

I much prefer the outlook I have now and this blog may be an expression of that. Here I can expand on those ideas and explore on the journey.

Welcome. ♥

Where did the name Conlon Lace come from?

Both of these words have meaning for me.  Conlon is a family name and Lace just happens to be one of my all time favorite things. 

What will you find here?

Conlon Lace for me represents a simpler time, when things weren’t as hectic and we found comfort in the things that truly mattered. How to find joy in the simplicity and being okay with that is something I approach here.

I also share on my journey to become a better version of myself and help other’s do the same.

Taking care of a family, kids, a husband, a fur baby, a home, building a business…it’s easy to forget to care for myself. A lot of us do this. It’s hard NOT to be consumed.

But I found that this is my simple pleasure.  This blog.  Getting older I take less time to overthink, more time to be creative, enjoy the still moments and let things go a little more.

I prefer to feel lighter these days.  Things don’t matter as much.  It’s the moments.  The people.  The creation of things. The experiences. The journey.

That’s what matters.

  My intention is to spread more positivity, more love and more light…

Random facts:

  • I am a wife and stay at home mom of two from Chicago
  • I work two businesses from home…one for fun and the other with intent to help people live their best life
  • Writing is one thing that brings me some calm in my everyday chaos
  • My favorite song ever is Leather and Lace 
  • The simpler things entice me more as I have gotten older
  • I find that a good laugh can heal most things
  • Less is always more in my book
  • Coffee and wine make me smile 🙂

Thanks for being here.♥

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