Cruelty Free 5-Minute Face

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Today I am sharing my 5 minute face!  These are the products I use generally when I need to run out of the house.  Just an easy, quick look to freshen up my face and feel somewhat put together.

You mama’s out there know what I’m talking about…most of the time, there just isn’t TIME!  

And for about a year now I have looked into strictly cruelty-free brands.  In doing that, the choices become a tad slimmer.  But even so, there are some really great drugstore cruelty-free brands on the market.  Some I’m sharing in this post.

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While this is my general quick face, I tend to play with my products quite a bit, mixing and matching and I’m always looking for good cosmetics.  So, this particular 5 minute face can change on the daily depending on time and of course mood. Yes, mood  is definitely a dictator.

Now most of these products are easy on the wallet while having a great formula which is why I love them!  It makes the process of using more mindful products less stressful.

I don’t tend to wear much makeup.  My general rule of thumb is always concealer and mascara, but a couple more minutes and I add a couple more staples.

So, here is my drugstore, 5 minute face:

Pixi by Petra, Pat Away Concealing Base, Warm

I have used this now for a few months and like the formula.  It blends well and can be used alone to minimize discolorations and even skin tone.

Mineral Fusion, pressed base foundation, Warm 2

I love this pressed powder foundation.  I have never been a fan of the liquid form as they tend to feel heavy on my skin and I prefer breathable coverage.  ‘That feeling of not wearing anything’ is what this provides.

e.l.f., Eyebrow Kit, Medium

This is such a convenient little compact and only $3. Heyyy!  It works so well giving your brow that wake up it needs to take on the day.  😉 It has a pigmented wax on one side and a setting powder on the other.

Flower, Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara, Intense Black

This is new to my makeup bag but I like it.  It has 3 settings: to lengthen, volumize and curl.  I have never seen a mascara with this twist option before but it works well and makes my lashes pop.  Only issue, it seems to have a lot of formula that comes up with the brush and it’s always a bit of to-do to get all of the excess off to apply.  But depending on what you would consider an issue, this mascara still really does well at what it claims to do, in my opinion.

pixi by Petra, MultiBalm, Baby Petal

This balm is great!  It’s amazing for a quick flush to the cheeks and also works well for some added color to the lips.  Perfect to throw in your bag.  I plan on trying more colors in this product that’s how much I like it.

NYX, butter gloss, Tiramisu

I LOVE these glosses!  They are so soft and conditioning.  You really can’t go wrong with these.  If you like lip gloss, these are a inexpensive and good quality! I’ve got quite a few colors but for everyday stick to mauve or nude shades.  Tiramisu is the shade I grab the most.

Five minute face done! ♥

These are certainly some of my fave cruelty-free cosmetics.  I have minimized my personal products quite a bit.  A couple of years ago I had so much product and turns out most of them tested on animals.  And I most likely didn’t give it much thought.  But minimizing my products to brands that produce in a conscious manner has been a good transition.

Grant it, I am always looking for great products.  I will be sure to share those when I do.


Is there a cruelty-free cosmetic that you love?  If so, let me know down below.

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