DIY : Kids Personal Touch Artwork

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Who doesn’t love a DIY? Right?! Well, today I’m sharing a fun and easy do it yourself piece of artwork you can do with your littles.  My daughter loves doing anything crafty.  Anything.  And having small children in the house means keeping them busy.

I’m constantly trying to come up with fun ways to do so.  This is something your child can help you make and then it becomes a memory that you can put up in your home as a personal touch.  A pretty piece of artwork that you can say you did together.

Now when I say easy, I’m not kidding!

Everything for this project I got at the good old Dollar Tree.  I love the dollar store folks mostly for fun little projects like this.  I stock up on art supplies and paper for the kids to play with whenever I can.  It definitely gets used up in this house and you never feel bad about the price tag.



Here is what you will need for this artwork:


  • Decal (Use whatever message you like.  Dollar Tree has an abundance of these and I love them.  This particular piece of artwork will be for my kids playroom so we picked something playful.  Whatever works for your purpose is fine.)
  • 11×14 poster board
  • Kids paint
  • Foam Paint Rollers
  • Frame
  • Aluminum Foil


What to do:

1.) Take a piece of poster board and stick your decals on the paper.



2.) Take a piece of Aluminum Foil and pour some paint, colors of choice, onto it.  Use the foam paint rollers and make sure to load the roller full of paint and let your child apply it to the border of the paper.  Avoiding the decal or wording at the center.


3.) Let your child be creative with this.  Adding their own flare makes this extra special.  As you see my daughter added quite a bit of color.  It turned out beautifully.

That’s it!

Let the paint dry and proceed to frame the poster in your frame of choice.


Finished piece!


Let your child go wild with the remaining paint.  You just might get another piece of artwork out of the deal! 🙂

I did!



I hope you and your little enjoy this one!


P.S. I haven’t forgotten…


This would be a sweet gift for your Valentine!  Just sayin…

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