Gifts for Mom and some real talk - what she really wants and some extra gift ideas. #giftsformom #giftideasformom #shopping #conlonlaceblog
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Gifts for Mom plus Real Talk

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Wondering what gift to get mom this Mother’s Day?

Well, I have some ideas for you! From the sentimental mom to the creative, here are some of my pics!

Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom and some REAL talk - ideas for every mom and a little reality to go along with it #giftsformom #mothersday #shopping #conlonlaceblog

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Sentimental Mom

Personalized Necklace for a sentimental mom #giftsformom

Personalized Necklaces

There are so many clever custom styles for that sentimental mom. All options are located under the CUSTOM tab on the site.

Gardening Mom

Well Pump Planter for the gardening mom #giftsformom

Wall Plump Planter

Help mom freshen up her garden with this sweet piece.

find more outdoor options

Wine loving Mom

Wine Rack for the ultimate wine lover #giftsformom

Square Wood and Wire Wall Cabinet

Give your wine loving mom a unique way to show off her collection.

more home decor options

Athletic Mom

Phone Armband Sleeve

Any active mom will appreciate this no hands option for phone storage while working out.


Natural Mom

The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp

Any natural mom will love this if she doesn’t have one already. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions into the air which help in purifying it and providing therapeutic health benefits. You can’t go wrong with this one.


Mom who loves Makeup

Spring Collection Au Naturale Cosmetics - gifts for the makeup loving mom #giftsformom
photo courtesy of Au Naturale Cosmetics website
Spring Collection Au Naturale Cosmetics

Spring colors in a bag! Includes a creme shadow, a super fine powder shadow, a stain and a lip gloss. This company is both a brand and serves a cause. They are about a #cleanbeautyrevolution. All vegan, organic, paraben free & ethical makeup. Yess!


Creative Mom

Gadget loving mom

But before you go…


a little real talk

Gifts are great! Moms love receiving them.

This is true!

The more thoughtful the gift the better…


What some mom’s really want is

  • the opportunity to sleep in – I have forgotten what it’s like
  • not to hear anyone whine for two seconds
  • to be appreciated a little more
  • the dishes to magically wash themselves
  • the dirty diapers to clean themselves
  • everyone cleaning their own mess
  • the ability to take a lonnnnng hot shower without a knock on the door…or a child peaking underneath it
  • some pampering…just a bit

Not a lot to ask, right?!

One day is all it takes…one dayANYTIME OF YEAR

let’s NOT forget that. 🙂

Use your discretion in picking a gift for mom!

But I assure you she’ll love it! Whatever it is.


Mother’s Day is a special day but truly being a mother is the greatest gift. It’s hard, frustrating and testing at times but the whole entire picture is where the gift lies.  The laughs, the cries, the growth we get to witness, the falls we help to build back up.

Isn’t that is what it’s all about?

On the toughest days we make it through and then a light appears within your child’s smile. Or your child reaches a new milestone and validation rears its head.  Those are the best moments.  The moments that make it all make sense.

As it is our job as mom’s, to push through that tough stuff and that is exactly what we do!

Mother’s Day just gives us that little extra attention that I think we all deserve.

Now, to those reading this that are looking to celebrate that special mom it’s because you know how deserving she is and I know you are lucky to have her…

Gift Ideas for Mom and What she Really Wants - what type of mom is she. Some gift ideas for the every mom and a little truth too. #giftideas #giftsformom #shopping #conlonlaceblog


What kind of mom are you? Leave me a comment!

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  1. Nice ideas! I always wait til the last minute and have to rely on Amazon Prime ?

    1. Haha! I’m sure that’s the same for many…happy to share!

  2. You have some awesome ideas in here. I really want one of those Himalayan Salt Lamps! Thanks for sharing.

    1. The lamps are great! Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m not a mom, but it was nice to hear these little things from the other side! Also these gift ideas are great!

    1. Aww thank you!

  4. Thanks for this – and providing so many ideas. My mom has so many hobbies it’s going to be hard to find the perfect gift for her this year.

    1. You are so welcome!

  5. I ADORE that garden creation with the faucet and flowers. My mom would adore it! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

    1. It is sweet isn’t it? I’m happy you enjoyed them!

  6. Love this! Perfect timing too since I need to get a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.

    1. I’m glad! Thank you!

  7. All my mom wants is an old-style rotary phone. I want to get her something else too and you’ve given me some great ideas.

    1. That’s an interesting gift☺ It’s always nice to have a surprise on the side. Thanks for reading!

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