Girls Nights Are A Must: 6 Reasons Why I Need Them

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The infamous Girl’s Night Out is something of a necessity in my life.  Since, becoming a mother, life can get a bit overwhelming at times.  It can stress you out, scare you, confuse you, annoy you, and create moments of immeasurable anxiousness.  Sometimes, you just need a break!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my mama status.  Even among all the chaos, the benefits far outweigh the non…but let’s be real I am only human and sometimes I need to call a time out!

One of the things I look forward to most is a night away with my girls.  Whether it’s just one girlfriend or a few, getting away for a few hours to talk, have some drinks and get a break from mom duties is everything I need to stay on point!


So, here are some reasons I need my occasional night out with the girls:

  1. Face time.  Sometimes you just need to see your girls face to face without texting or phone calls.  Looking people in the eye is the best way to communicate on all levels.
  2. I can drop as many f-bombs that  I fn want!  Let’s face it, with motherhood comes censorship. We can’t possibly allow our children to run around being potty mouths so we watch what we say and that shit gets old.  Ha!  Sometimes the best term needed to express my feeling at the moment just can not be censored.  But a girls night out is a perfect forum to let all that shit out! 😮
  3. Opportunity to vent about all the things that drive us crazy about motherhood, (or relationships) in a healthy way.  My girls are the best listeners and to have them to express frustrations and concerns with, is truly a lifesaver.  Also, knowing I am not alone in these emotions works wonders.
  4. Time away.  Everyone needs this every so often.  You need a couple of hours on a regular basis to be with people other than your kids and your spouse.  This is just REAL talk!  We all need a break, it keeps us sane…or at least it helps me!  That’s all.
  5. Dancing.  Now, this isn’t every time but when this happens it is a blast!  Sometimes, you just want to hear loud music and dance with your girls!  This is the best way to let off steam in my opinion and it’s always a good time.
  6. Coming back home, fresh minded with new perspective and ready for what’s ahead.  In some cases, you may have a small hangover to nurse but all for the better because you had some time to get things off your chest, swear a little, laugh a little and have some quality time with your best girls.  What more could you ask for?



As our lives become fuller with kids and family, we always have to make time for friends. Having people in our lives outside of the household keeps our hearts and our souls feeling fulfilled.  Sometimes, especially with motherhood, we can have moments that can be tough.  Sharing all of that with your girls helps tremendously…and all while having an amazing time!

Until next time ladies, until next time! 🙂


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