How Collagen Worked for Me - a review of Neocell Super Collagen and how it has helped to take away my shoulder pain while providing me additional benefits. #collagen #collagenbenefits #collagensupplements #collagenforjointpain

How Collagen Worked For Me (A Review)

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Is collagen something you need to add to your daily regime?

Well, let me tell you my experience with it.

Collagen Worked for Me - a review of Neocell Super Collagen and how it has helped to take away my shoulder pain while providing me additional benefits. #collagen #collagenbenefits #collagensupplements #collagenforjointpain

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How it started.

When I was a young girl, I was playing with a friend from down the block. We had decided to create an obstacle course in the basement using random toys and furniture. The object was to create different terrain and height.

Surely, we thought we were being clever with the decision to add a bouncy horse to the course. Those old amazing plastic and metal horses to be specific. Not so much.

The idea was to make the jump from the couch onto this thing as seamless as possible. As a young person, the belief in my head was that I was a lot smoother than reality would suggest. Clumsy would serve me better at this age,  especially, when my energy was up.

Most kids fall into this category I think. It takes time to find that thing called grace. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, I made the jump! In doing so, I felt like I was watching my body in slow motion, completely missing the target. In finality, crashing right into the metal bars of the horse and breaking my young little collarbone.  I screamed and sobbed in pain and was taken for medical attention.

Upon coming home, I rested, with my new brace but quickly felt anxious (as most kids would). So, the next day I begged my mother to let me play outside (carefully of course) in the front yard with a friend. My mother reluctant, as any mother would be, finally allowed me to do so as long as I stayed put and played nice.

But in all the stubborn glory I thought running across the lawn to bask in my freedom was my next move. Surely, I would be fine. Until the forgotten sprinkler hose found my footing and BOOM, I hit the ground, hard. Further cracking that beloved collarbone.

Fast forward many years, to the end of high school and while being quite a bit less awkward, I still was apparently not too smart…ha! I was in the backseat of an SUV while the fellow passengers were cheering on the driver of said SUV (to remain nameless) to do some donuts in the grass. This taking place in a field behind my old grade school.

This driver at the time was an adrenaline junky and we all (maybe 5 to be exact) thought this was a good idea, in that moment anyway. Well, that chase of adrenaline caused us to flip over sideways and all fun went out the window. My neighboring passenger fell on top of me pushing my arm into the window with amazing strength and in a panic we all climbed out of the car. As I was being lifted out by my arms, you could hear a clear break on that lovely collarboneyet again!

The same flipping collarbone…third time is always the charm.

So, where am I going with this? I mean, other than kids do dumb shit!

The current situation.

Well, my collarbone hasn’t had it easy and is not right to this day because of it. Way into adulthood. The bone is disfigured and I have issues with my left scapula (the flat bone on the upper back) when it rains, or when it’s cold. It hurts when I sleep on it.

As I get older it has gotten worse even causing me to think arthritis is setting in. I’m just not down for that so I went looking for some natural remedies. Something that can alleviate the pain and slow down any onset issues for the future.

I read about collagen and the benefits of using it. This is a protein found all over the body, the muscles, bones and tendons, the blood vessels, skin and digestive system. As we age, we start producing this protein at a slower pace, which can cause possible signs of aging and even joint pain.

Adding collagen to your regime can help in increased elasticity of the skin, making your hair and nails more beautiful. It has digestive benefits and can increase metabolism as well as assist in cardiovascular and liver health. 

But my most curious reason was that it can help with joint pain and bone degeneration. Jackpot! I had to try this stuff. Lately, the pain was getting unbearable and I just didn’t want to make an appointment to receive some steroids or pain meds and then told to check back in a month.

I’m good…

I felt like this would be my answer. So, I gave it a try!

Collagen Worked for Me - a review of Neocell Super Collagen and how it has helped to take away my shoulder pain while providing me additional benefits. #collagen #collagenbenefits #collagensupplements #collagenforjointpain

What I tried

Neocell Super Collagen Powder.

Non-GMO and gluten, dairy, soy and yeast free. I took a vitamin C supplement with this as well to assist in maximum absorption.

Just one scoop daily is required. This dissolves quickly and paired with juice has minimal taste.

The benefits that I’ve experienced

It has been a few months now and my pain has majorly dissipated. I can move my arm more freely without any clicking or tenderness. Sleep isn’t as uncomfortable as it used to be and that’s major.

Other benefits that I have noticed:

  • Added moisture to my skin (for a girl who has suffered from dry skin
  • my hair feels healthier, less breakage, more shine
  • stronger nails, less chipping

Seeing the benefits first hand is amazing but feeling the benefits is a true blessing. The change in my shoulder and back have been tremendous and I couldn’t  be happier.

Who is this is for

Anyone who wants to combat signs of aging can benefit from this. If you have an old sport injury or any pain in your joints I feel this can help in some way.

I’m not a professional, I can only share my personal experience with this and you should always consult a physician if you feel you have any major concerns or issues.

But I am so happy that I gave this a go.

In the end

There is always going to be an issue with my shoulder. All that dumb kids stuff has left a lasting impression, to say the least, but finding something to help me right now has been great relief.

How Collagen Worked for Me - a review of Neocell Super Collagen and how it has helped to take away my shoulder pain while providing me additional benefits. #collagen #collagenbenefits #collagensupplements #collagenforjointpain

Have you tried collagen for any reason? If so, let me know your take on this protein in the comments.

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  1. How interesting! I knew that collagen was good for nails and hair but I never knew it was good for joints too! I might have to look into it. I have one knee that acts up from time to time thanks to some rather silly childhood follies too!

    1. Ha ha yes, to be a kid again! It has helped me incredibly. Definitely worth a try! Thank you. 😉

  2. I totally I agree I take collagen when I started the 10 day in green smoothie cleanse and I notice the ache in my knee from no cartilage no longer exist the burning from damage nerve in my leg even went away but it did however made my monthly cycle late. So for no on I just stl taking it the week of ovulation because after I know my cycle it coming. Overall great articles this collagen does work ? job. Thank for sharing!

    1. Those are some amazing results. The amount of pain I was in just a few months ago and how I feel now is like night and day. It’s been great! As for the late cycle, I have not experienced that but probably wouldn’t mind so much if it was still alleviating my shoulder issues. Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve been taking marine collagen in my coffee for the past month or two. sounds so gross but it’s amazing how it doesn’t change the taste. Haven’t really seen any results though that I’ve noticed. I didn’t know about the Vitamin C thing though so maybe it’s not fully absorbing?

    1. Vitamin C plays a huge role in the formation of collagen. (source) There would be no harm in adding it to your daily intake. I just take them both everyday first thing on an empty stomach. It’s helped greatly.

  4. Great post. Looks interesting. I will give this a try if it works for me too. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


    1. Great! Thank you.

  5. AlexElons says:

    There are so many different ways to treat and manage pain these days.. I personally been using much more hemp products in my “toolkit” lol. They even have these CBD Drink things:

    1. That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

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