Monthly Faves August 018 - Here are a few of my favorite beauty and hair products going into August! #curlyhairproducts #skincare #beautyfavorites #monthlyfavorites #crueltyfree #conlonlaceblog
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Monthly Faves August 018

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It is August and I’m keeping it fun with some Monthly Faves!

In the midst of starting my business, growing this blog, mom life, wife life and all of the in between I neglected to share my faves for the last couple of months.

Where does the time go?

I have been working on content in all kinds of ways but thought to bring in August with some light and easy fun.

This month has a lot in store for the fam and myself. To add to my plate, I am starting some online classes beginning mid month, my son is turning two and we have planned a weekend getaway to celebrate. I can’t believe my baby is two!

Again, where does the time go?

Anyhow, we are excited to have some fun with the littles and in keeping things fun here are some of my faves for the month of August!

Some hair care for my curly-haired girls out there, some self-love for the skin and a very inexpensive gem I just came across.

So, here we go!

Monthly Faves August 018 - Here are a few of my favorite beauty and hair products going into August! #curlyhairproducts #skincare #beautyfavorites #monthlyfavorites #crueltyfree #conlonlaceblog

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Monthly Faves August 018

Hawaiian Marula Miracle, Therapy Moisture Leave-in Conditioner – Alba Botanica

I found this at T.J.Maxx a while back. When it comes to hair products, it takes time for me to see if 1.) that it does what it is supposed to and 2.) that I like it. Since switching to cleaner products almost 4 years ago, it has been a challenge finding certain products that work the way that I need them too.

But I keep on searching for those diamonds in the rough and this is one of my favorites.

It leaves lasting moisture and makes my hair really soft. For a curly-haired gal that is everything! If I choose to go without a holding product after washing, my curls still look healthy and less frizzy.

I can’t live without a leave in conditioner and this one does the job.

NO: animal testing, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or harsh sulfates.

Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse, Mielle

Another one for the curly-haired gals.

Before I went CLEAN, I absolutely favored using a mousse in my hair but after realizing all the crap and chemicals in the stuff I had been using for YEARS I had to say goodbye.

I went for a cream styler for a long time and while it did a nice job, I still missed that mousse hold.

I like my curls controlled but not at all hard. I like them soft and movable without that wet hold look. With mousse that can be hard to find but with this Curly Cocktail I have found my love for mousse again.

A little goes a long way and holds my curls perfectly and dries soft and defined. I recommend a try, it’s been a long time coming for me…

NO: parabens, sulfates, parafins, mineral oils, synthetic colors, DEA,  or animal testing

Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula, Alcohol-Free Toner in Rose Petal – Thayers

I have always been a fan of the use of toner. It can moisturize the skin, shrink pores, cleanse…it’s really great for a lot in a skin regime. I used to use this brand in the plain Witch Hazel and while the smell wasn’t great it always made my skin feel good.

For whatever reason, I didn’t use it for a long while and came across this new formula with Rose Water (you know I love Rose Water) and Aloe Vera and had to try it. I’m glad I did!

I apply it every morning before adding makeup and it leaves my skin soft and refreshed.

NO: alcohol, parabens, pthalates, gluten, or animal testing

Radically Rejuvenating Rose Argan Oil, Acure

Okay, if you don’t know, you should know about all the great benefits that Argan Oil has. It can moisturize, heal and protect. It’s anti-aging and amazing for the hair. You really can’t go wrong with adding this into your beauty arsenal.

I fell in love with this stuff the first time I used it. I use it alone on my face as a moisturizer or mix it into my facial lotion before adding makeup and it leaves my skin bright and glowy.

I use it on my hair when it needs a little more TLC and on my hands. I mean this stuff is pretty amazing.

Certified organic, Non-GMO, cruelty-free

Beautifully Bare, Lightweight Concealer Stick, e.l.f.

I had to grab this in a pinch while I was running around Walmart grabbing some necessities. There are two things that I can’t live without (makeup wise) and that’s concealer and mascara. If I have those two things I am fine any day.

So, I decided to try this. There aren’t many Cruelty-Free brands available at this particular location and so I just bee-lined for e.l.f. and found this.

Honestly, my expectations were low but for the cost ($4.00 USD), what did I have to lose. Well, guys, I was pleasantly surprised. It goes on smooth, blends easily and looks completely natural. I am so happy I grabbed it and I may even like it more than the $16 concealer I had been using.



Monthly Faves August 018 - Here are a few of my favorite beauty and hair products going into August! #curlyhairproducts #skincare #beautyfavorites #monthlyfavorites #crueltyfree #conlonlaceblog

There you have it! My August faves!

All these products have helped me in some way. While I like to keep things simple, I appreciate quality as well. If it abides by my values and it works…I’m down!

Until next time!

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what did you think? Please share in the comments.

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