My Negativity Cleanse Experience - Do you feel like negativity is keeping you from things? Eliminate the negative and embrace the positive with this challenge. Here is my experience. #negativitycleanse #positivemindset #eliminatenegativity #conlonlaceblog
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My Negativity Cleanse Experience

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I recently embarked on a challenge. The challenge was to cleanse myself of all negativity for 7 whole days!

Sound easy?

I thought it would be a cake walk myself but…

I quickly learned otherwise.

This claimed to be a challenge and yes! That it was.

While this cleanse was to take 7 days, it took me about 15 days from start to finish. As a general rule, if it takes you just 7 days to finish…you most likely aren’t doing it right!

My Negativity Cleanse Experience

My Negativity Cleanse Experience - Do you feel like negativity is keeping you from things? Eliminate the negative and embrace the positive with this challenge. Here is my experience. #negativitycleanse #positivemindset #eliminatenegativity #conlonlaceblog

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The Object

Release the negative and embrace the positive.

This is attempted by blocking any thoughts or feelings of the following:

  • Failure
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Disappointment
  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Fear

Basically, any negative energy you feel coming on needs to be re-focused into a positive thought or feeling. If you should stay in any state of negativity for more than 60 seconds than the cleanse needs to be re-started from the beginning.

Still think this sounds easy?

My experience

The most difficult was re-training my brain. Getting past day 1 proved to be a HUGE challenge for me. I consider myself to be an extremely positive person. I can generally move through situations with a positive mindset.

However, when I became completely aware of the thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing. I quickly learned all the negativity that tends to sneak up on me everyday.

Being a mother and a wife and building a business from home is all-consuming. There are so many thoughts that run through our mind in any given day. Taking full responsibility for those thoughts and feelings causes you to see them for what they really are.

Many of them fell into the category of negative which was a surprise to me.

Generally, we run on autopilot right? Going through our schedules and routines everyday almost systematically. We do things because they are familiar and most of the time, pay no mind to what it is we are really thinking and feeling. We just move from one moment to the next.

One thought to the next. One feeling to the next.

Taking the time to be aware of all that we think and feel allows us to understand what we may be withholding from ourselves. Subconsciously we may just be sabotaging our own true happiness!

I realized quickly that I have triggers that I hadn’t been aware of. Certain things instilled negative feelings within me. I needed to learn either how to avoid those things or approach them with a different mindset.

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This was not easy.

It proved emotional at times. I was realizing my truth in all of what was really creeping up within me during the day.

You are literally trying to re-train the brain. A brain that has accustomed to a certain way of thinking and it’s not the cake walk I had anticipated.

Reaching a new level

When I finally learned to redirect my negative thoughts and feelings and reached day 2 of the cleanse I felt amazing! I felt as if I was skating through the day. I felt happier, lighter on my feet, more playful and energetic. The kids and I were having so much fun in just normal daily activities.

It felt as if all the positive energy I was exuding, I was receiving in abundance as well. This proved to be quite powerful.

The power that we give our mind and the focus that we choose of either positive or negative can impact all that’s around us.

Sometimes we can be unaware of the energy we are allowing into our lives. While we think we are positive we are actually embracing the opposite and wondering why things aren’t as we want them to be.

Do you find yourself to be in that situation?

It is something to think about.

Back to the beginning

While I did reach that new level of being, I did let negativity get the upper-hand again. Day 1 all over again.

But it was okay because I was learning and getting better.

If I could stay mindful I could get the hang of this.

And I did…

It got easier. I found that I was anticipating negative thoughts and feelings and shifting that energy elsewhere before it took over. Almost like turning the station on the radio to something that brought me more joy.

Like that song that always makes you want to dance! Always find that song again. That’s the place you want to be.

So it did. It got easier.

I was getting through the days more positive and free of negative thought and feeling.

In finality

This negativity cleanse has taught me a lot, not only about myself but about my life as it is now.

There is so much joy to be found when we release what holds us back.

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Negative people, media, ideas about ourselves, our capabilities. There is no need for it. In the end, it proves disservice to you and takes away your full potential as a human being.

We our able to be more, have more and live bigger. If we stay in a place of mindfulness nothing can stop you.

While the challenge is over for me, I am still living it. Everyday I wake with intention, a grateful heart and a new opportunity to choose what it is I’m going to share with the people in my life and also myself.

So, for me the challenge was worth it! 100%!


How positive do you consider yourself to be? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Sounds like something interesting to undertake!

    1. Thank you. It is definitely becoming habit☺

  2. This is great! Retraining your brain is so hard. I feel like I’ve stopped and started so many times, especially when trying to be more mindful that I haven’t fully made it a habit yet.

    1. Yes it is! It takes consistent effort for sure. Sticking with it is definitely worth it though!

  3. What an amazing challenge to take part in! I cannot imagine this being easy at all. Even if you are a positive person, there is so much negativity in this world that it would be easy to slip into that mindset. Congratulations on getting through it!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that, it was an eye opening challenge above all.

  4. This is great, I tend to always start my day postive and during the day encounter something that sets me back to old behaviors and I have to restart my day to stay positive.

    1. Yes creating that mindful shift helps a great deal! Thank you.

  5. Such a great challenge to cleanse yourself of negative energy from the mind and fill yourself with powerful thoughts! Your post is so inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot.

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