Overcome your limiting beliefs and find your purpose, be more fulfilled and live your best life. #overcomelimitingbeliefs #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #conlonlaceblog
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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

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What are YOUR limiting beliefs?

This has been the recent conversation in my tribes book club. This book we are reading is the anthem for the lies we tell ourselves. (Can you guess what it might be?) And yes, we ALL have something.

We all have something that we carry in our conscious and sub-conscious mind that just isn’t true.

Isn’t it funny how our perception of ourselves can be viewed so completely different by someone else? Our minds can be wired to see things in such a malfunctioned sort of way and that can create outcomes in life that we may not really want.

These particular beliefs are the things that we believe so deeply to which, they end up inhibiting us from growing, changing, evolving, and inevitably keeping us from finding our purpose.

Recently, I mentioned one of my limiting beliefs in a recent post, A Place Called Happiness. For years, I believed that ‘I wasn’t enough’. This belief stemmed from broken promises and a scarred relationship I had with my father as a child.

It affected how I approached challenging experiences, deterred me from accepting new opportunities, and it even seeped into the relationships I had. All the things that came into play because of this single LIE that I told myself for years is incredible.

I believed in this lie so much that even if I surpassed the limit that this lie represented I would sabotage myself for fear that this lie would catch up to me. In other words, the lie always won, even if I had unknowingly proved it wrong.

This would happen like an endless cycle. The power of belief is an extraordinary one.

Overcome your limiting beliefs and find your purpose, be more fulfilled and live your best life. #overcomelimitingbeliefs #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #conlonlaceblog

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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

It was four years ago when I started in my spiritual journey and is also when I came to this realization (among many others). From there, I ventured onto a path of healing and change, killing all that bull that had flooded my psyche for all that time has been well worth the work.

Because I am worth the work and so are you.

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These sort of beliefs are generally ingrained in us early on. Through our culture, learned habits, or impactful experiences. We can tend to go on for years allowing these limits to essentially run our lives.

I know I did.

What other limiting beliefs may look like:

  • (I) can’t do it
  • don’t have enough
  • don’t deserve it
  • (I’m) not pretty enough
  • not strong enough
  • not skilled enough

Just to name some.

Believing these thoughts or ideas can be debilitating and can deprive us of the life that we are truly meant to have.

We all deserve to live fulfilled, with passion, excitement and joy.

Let’s choose to live without fear, excuses and messed up logic. While it may be tough, the choice to ignore the opportunity to connect with our inner selves and learn our truths can result in us becoming our own worst enemy.

Now, I don’t know about you but being MY worst enemy got pretty old.

Okay, so what do we do? Well, we have to dig deep…

Detach yourself from your belief

Try to separate yourself from this belief and release it from defining you. Write it down along with some of the reasons and/or experiences that may have caused you to have this particular belief.

You may be interested to write an affirmation that contradicts it. For example, if I was to still believe that I wasn’t enough I would say an affirmation to the contrary, like, ‘I AM enough’. Using positive words in your vocabulary helps greatly in shifting that mindset.

Question what you believe to be true. Work through and identify all the ways that truth could be a myth and make small strides to squash them.

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Visualize what you want to be

Spend time visualizing what it is you aspire to be. What kind of success will you have? Who will your friends be? How is your family life? Will money be a big factor for you?

Take time to see yourself in this life that you imagine. Evaluate the details in your mind and begin to live as if you are already where you see yourself in 1, 5, 10 years.

Practice & challenge yourself

Eliminating limiting beliefs in our lives takes practice. You have to create the habits that will allow you to shift your thinking into what you want them to be. Will it happen overnight? Of course not, but don’t expect it to happen just because you decide it will either.

You have to work on it.

Most noteworthy, fear is the basis for many of these beliefs and when trying to shift them it becomes much like the peeling of an onion. You have to be consistent in working through the layers and be determined to change.

It can be done.

You can become the person you see yourself to be.

Just envision your truth, do the work and begin to see it manifest.

Overcome your limiting beliefs and find your purpose, be more fulfilled and live your best life. #overcomelimitingbeliefs #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #conlonlaceblog


What beliefs limit you now or have in the past? Please comment below.


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  1. Visualizing the life you want is so important!

    1. Yes it is! Thank you for reading.

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