Blogging Resources - Things that have helped my blog along the way from hosting, plugins and other resources. #blogresources #blogging #websitehosting #lyricalhost #favoriteplugins #ebook #affiliatemarketing #advertising #conlonlaceblog
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Since starting to blog I have learned quite a bit. I definitely didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning or what I even wanted my blog to be.

Once I became aware of the amazing community that the blogosphere possesses, I was hooked. It is full of such amazing and supportive people that it’s hard not to be.

Blogging requires a lot of learning, being open to suggestion, having a willingness to put yourself out there as well as having the need to share and help others. But what is most important is that it can be LOTS of fun too!

It is a continued journey with more to learn as you go along but it’s a great ride!

Here, I am sharing some of my favorite blogging resources that have helped me thus far. This will be an ever-growing list, as more resources that I find value from, come to my attention.

Be sure to come back often to see the newest and greatest.

Blogging Resources - Things that have helped my blog along the way from hosting, plugins and other resources. #blogresources #blogging #websitehosting #lyricalhost #favoriteplugins #ebook #affiliatemarketing #advertising #conlonlaceblog

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Blogging Resources


When I began, in December of 2016, I started on It helped me build a bit of a platform, BUT looking back I wish I would have started everything on

If I had I wouldn’t have hit a wall as I did on the dot-com site a few months in. Dot org provides you with more freedom. The site is yours, you own it. You can customize it with more theme options, plugins or if you’re super techy, make your own code. You can create a custom domain for much cheaper than the option provided on dot com and you can monetize.

All great reasons to start on from the get!


Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host - WordPress hosting #wordpresshosting #blogging #blogger #websitehosting #lyricalhost #bloggingresources #resources

I researched quite a bit when deciding on a host. I was finding that many recommended Bluehost as being the best but I have read quite a bit to the contrary. Other than their being quite a return for referring affiliates I wasn’t reading the most positive reviews on them. I was in the market for a personal experience with my host.

I wanted great customer service and support. Some reasonable pricing and the opportunity to pay monthly versus a year up front. Also, I was interested in a host that provided resources to assist me on this endeavor.

Then I found Lyrical Host! They exceeded all my expectations when choosing a hosting company. Every inquiry was handled quickly and in a friendly manner. They make you feel like your are in this journey together and provide you with such a supportive network. I made the move to self-hosted in January of 2018.

The migration from my dot come site to the dot org site was completely simple and easy with Lyrical Host.

“We’re a small company with a big heart” – Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host - WordPress hosting 'The Hub' #wordpresshosting #blogging #blogger #websitehosting #lyricalhost #bloggingresources #resources

They provide everything you need in one package price. No up selling which is a breath of fresh air. 

6 Reasons to Choose Lyrical Host - WordPress hosting'webmail' #wordpresshosting #blogging #blogger #websitehosting #lyricalhost #bloggingresources #resources


  • SSL Certificates
  • email addresses
  • automate daily backups
  • automatic WordPress core updates
  • 1 to 1 developer grade support
  • free resources
  • free masterclasses
  • plus more

They also give back! A portion of your payment every month helps with some independent non profits and every anniversary a tree is planted in your name.


Lyrical Host - WordPress hosting'webmail' #wordpresshosting #blogging #blogger #websitehosting #lyricalhost #bloggingresources #resources

If you don’t want to feel like just another blog I would strongly suggest you try Lyrical Host.

Save 10% off your first hosting plan with Lyrical Host Use Code: CONLONLACE10.


Blossom Feminine


Here are some of my favorite plugins! And they’re FREE…

  • Yoast SEO – ultimate All-in-One SEO plugin that provides content analysis, XML sitemaps and more
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) – provides Google Analytics reports & real-time stats
  • Invisible reCaptcha – Invisible reCaptcha by Google for WordPress
  • Popups – WordPress Popup
  • jQuery Pin It Button for Images – allows for easier pinning on Pinterest
  • Sassy Social Share – slick, simple and optimized share buttons
  • Wordfence Security – Anti-virus Firewall & Malware Scan
  • WP Recipe Maker – very user-friendly and helps better optimize recipes for search engines

Graphic Design

Content Scheduling


The free plan includes sharing to 3 social profiles, basic analytics, 30 scheduled messages, you can share the content of others within RSS feeds, you can integrate tools you already use such as Dropbox, plus they also provide an online forum to ask questions and free courses are provided as well. Paid upgraded plans are available.


This is the Pinterest approved app for sharing pins. You can also join various Tailwind Tribes in your niche and work together in sharing content.

Email Marketing


This is free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. It has a user-friendly interface where you can create marketing automation, landing pages and personalize your design with various templates. It also shows you analytics for your campaigns and provides easy integration for various apps and services.


Blogcabulary Plus

Blogcabulary Plus is the Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book. Containing 340+ Blogging Terminologies.. 200+ Images.. 50+ Best Blogging Resources, Tools, and Services.. 7 Important Blogging "How-To's" (including "How to Start a Profitable Blog Step-by-Step".Blogcabulary Plus is the book you need! #Bloggingterminology #startablog #newbloggertips

This e-book is great for any beginner or intermediate blogger. It is the Ultimate Blogging Terminology, Reference, and Resource Book. I have personally not come across any other blogging book like this one. Blogging terminology, blogging processes, and blogging resources come together in a way that is easy and fluid for the reader.



Google Adsense

Should you choose to put ads on your site, this is a great start in dipping your feet in the world of monetizing your blog.

Affiliate Networks


This is my favorite network. There is an abundance of companies to choose from. The vast array of green companies is a great draw for me. Some merchants include Tailwind, PicMonkey and Weebly to name a few.

Amazon Associates

Whatever your blog niche is you can find products that make sense to share with your readers. Amazon is a leader in online purchasing so there is truly something for everyone.

Ultimate Bundles

This is a great network to join because they provide bundles of amazing products for various niches. They provide great training, a Facebook group to join and network in, as well as a nice affiliate discount on the bundles themselves!



Blogging Resources - Things that have helped my blog along the way from hosting, plugins and other resources. #blogresources #blogging #websitehosting #lyricalhost #favoriteplugins #ebook #affiliatemarketing #advertising #conlonlaceblog








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