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Simplify Your Life in 11 Ways

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We all crave simpler lives sometimes.  Living in today’s day and age, things are moving quickly.  So much information is being consumed and is within our fingertips.  Social media, technology and busier lives can make things feel chaotic at times.

It sure does for me.

And that can bring on a huge desire to simplify things.  Create order, accessibility and ease in daily life.  Simplifying for me, means bringing on a sense of calm and less anxiousness.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Well today I am sharing some ways to simplify your life.  These are things that I implement in my day-to-day and make continuous efforts to do so.

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11 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Purge, Declutter and Organize

This is something that I am consistently working on in my home.  I am always making efforts to rid my family of needless things. Donating what we don’t use and organizing the things we want to keep and actively use.  We are in an active shift in our home at the moment.  Taking it one room at a time is the process I am implementing and it is working quite well.  Just recently I organized my pantry and it has been a wonderful change from previously just tossing things onto the shelf.  Similar items have been grouped together and now everything has a home and that’s the goal throughout the entire house.

Have Designated Times for Social Media

This is something that I have been utilizing and it’s helped me from getting sucked into the vortex that is social media.  With this blog and the marketing that I do I can easily be stuck on it all day but that just does not work for me.  I have a family to take care of and a home to look after.  Time is a factor. I give myself 10 minutes in the morning, another 10 in the afternoon and again in the evening for strictly social media attention.  It works well for me and is a good way to network and follow-up with friends without losing focus on all the distractions that social media can provide.  Believe me I have taken a social media detox pretty often.  And honestly, I recommend that everyone do so on occasion.  It is definitely good to take a seat back and consume yourself in real life versus the lives of others.

Minimize Your Closet

Okay guys I know a lot of us, especially some women have that fantasy of a large walk-in closet with endless options and accessories but is it really necessary?  In my opinion, no it’s not.  For so many years I would have all these things in my closet.  Things I would assume I would wear but never did.  Things that still had the tags on them and were never worn.  Jeans I would wish to get into again one day.  Girl, please!  I mean just too much stuff.  So, I minimized and it’s been great.

To simplify your closet make three piles:

  • Keep – these are your favorite pieces, the things you wear over and over
  • Donate – anything that still has life but that you don’t wear or have a desire to
  • Sell – great pieces that you just can’t see yourself wearing but look brand new

Generally, if you haven’t worn an item in more than a year get rid of it!  You don’t need it.  You want your closet to only possess pieces that you absolutely love and get consistent use out of.  This also makes picking out what you are going to wear a no-brainer.

Embrace a Frugal Way of life

This can consist of many things.  Buying used whenever possible. Upgrading old furniture to look new or shop places like ThredUp for gently used clothing.  I have found great name brand pieces still with the tags at a fraction of normal retail.  Growing your own food.  Using money-saving apps and coupons when shopping.  Make your own cleaning products and personal care products.  The list is endless on living more frugally.  Endless.

Click here to receive $10 off your first purchase at ThredUP!  Like-new designer looks for up to 90% off!

Clean Out Your Emails

There is something to be said about looking at your email and seeing a clean inbox.  It really does de-stress you.  You can get extremely anxious when your inbox contains thousands of unread and junk emails. is a great tool that helps you to clean out your subscribed emails.  Most of which you have no intention of reading and therefore have no need to keep.  This will help you eliminate the unwanted and organize the keepers.

Create a Cleaning System

I find that having a daily schedule in regards to cleaning helps out tremendously.  Having things listed out makes maintaining the cleanliness of the home simple.  You feel less overwhelmed with chores when you have a little something to do everyday.  Grant it, when taking care of children things can change at the drop of a hat.  It’s possible to get behind on chores, it happens!  But should you get behind, having a checklist can help you get back on track in no time! It truly is so much better than allocating all cleaning for one day of the week.  Download your free copy of my cleaning schedule here!

Keep an Eye on Finances

My favorite app for this is Mint by Intuit, Inc.  You can track spending, set goals and even pay bills from this app.  All in one easy place.  You just connect it to your banking information and now you will have a clear picture of your money habits.  This helps to eliminate bad spending habits or change habits to suit your goals a bit better.  This is an awesome tool for simplifying your finances.

Organize Bills & Paper

Command CenterNo one likes paper everywhere.  I know I don’t. It drives me nuts but it happens.  To stay on top of it try creating a system to keep paper at bay.  Sign up for e-statements whenever possible.  Immediately shift through incoming mail by separating junk mail, tossing it into the recycling bin and put your bills into a place specifically for them.  In my home I created a command center where all incoming and outgoing mail goes.  Things I need to file, a calendar and notes all in one place to keep me accountable and organized.  Works wonders.

Get Rid of Cable

For some this may be difficult.  Some folks love their programming.  But for us it has been great!  Cable bills can run about $100 or more a month and most of the time you aren’t watching enough to compensate for the bill.  It’s ridiculous in my opinion.  We have eliminated cable and substituted with a streaming service.  It saves us money and we still have amazing options to watch.  A simpler system for entertainment that works just as good.

Meal Plan

Meal planning makes feeding your family a breeze during the week.  It helps your wallet by keeping you from over spending as your only purchasing what you need.  Plus, you don’t have to rack your brain at the last-minute to come up with a meal because you planned ahead.

Be Present

My favorite idea for a simpler life is being present.  Simplicity is in the moments. The everyday, the relationships we have with people, the hobbies we love and activities we participate in.  Focusing on what is in front of us is the good stuff.  Giving full attention to those moments is what counts.  Those are the things we remember.  So make sure to live in them and not let them pass you up.

Making things more difficult than they need to be creates constant chaos of the mind and of the soul.  Planning ahead a bit and creating more efficiency to daily tasks makes things run smoother.  That makes life simpler while also feeling fuller.  ♥

In which ways do you simplify your life?  I’d love to know! Comment below…

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  1. Love this! I cringed a little about the walk in closet… But it is true!

    1. Haha! Yes!

  2. Decluttering is my absolute favourite thing to do! X

    1. I love it too!

  3. Such good advice, some little changes that make a big difference. I need to come off social media and declutter!

    1. They truly do help. Thank you.

  4. These are great tips! I’m actually in the middle of purging – so far I’ve finished my closet and my youngest sons. Its so crazy how much crap I was able to get rid of – many things I didn’t even realize I still had!

    1. It’s amazing the things we hold on to and not even realize.

  5. Practical and do-able tips. I know that I need to do a better job of controlling my social media time, too, with my blog. It can quickly get out of hand! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome! Good luck. ☺

  6. I love this! I find decluttering and cleaning really therapeutic.

    1. Me too! The more I purge the less weight I’s nice!

  7. Great ideas. I’m definitely in need of a declutter!

    1. Thank you. Well Spring is a great time to start. Sending good vibes!

  8. ashley peavey says:

    I need to do all of this! So helpful!

    1. Thank you!

  9. I have liked the idea of meal planning for ages, my mum always planned the entire month ahead, but I am so inconsistent about it. I am feeling inspired now to be disciplined as I am doing my shop today and you are so right, it takes stress out of the day knowing what you are going to cook that night. Thanks for the reminder! A recent tip I read on another blog which I think very clever is to take photos of your kid’s art work so that you have a record of it and don’t feel obliged to keep everything!

    1. I love that your mum would plan a month ahead! I don’t know that I’m that disciplined but a week ahead works great as well. I love that suggestion to take pics of artwork. I will definitely try that. I have quite the collection starting as my daughter is in preschool. Thank you?

  10. you dont even know how much I love this!! so good for your soul!

    1. Yes! I completely agree!

  11. Great tips, I must take a few of them on board. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome! Thank you.

  12. Oh good grief…this post could have been called ‘Nicola’s to do list’!! So many things here that I need to start doing. The one thing I would struggle with is dedicated times for social media as it is my job and I am on social media all day every day – but I love it!

    1. Haha! That’s awesome. Do what you love girl!

  13. These are fantastic ideas! I need to work on scheduling social media time.

  14. Eryka says:

    meal plans a re crucial

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