Start Your Day With Intention - A Morning Routine - What does your mornings look like? If you start your day with intention you will set the tone for an amazing day! Here is a look at my Intentional Morning. #startyourdayright #morningroutine #mindfulliving #conlonlaceblog
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Start Your Day With Intention – A Morning Routine

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Do you start your mornings with intention?

Well, that’s what we are talking about today. Starting your day the right way will impact them greatly. The positive changes that I have seen since adopting this routine into my mornings have been phenomenal.

I used to hear the alarm, press the snooze and wait until the last possible minute to get up and then immediately go into my day. I did this during my old work days, rushing to get ready, have a quick bite to eat and run out the door. It’s as if this sort of chaos in the morning was okay with me.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how much greater my days would have been if I just took a moment to set some intention to them.

Since having children I would crave time to myself. Stay at home parents, you know what I’m saying. When you are home with the kids everyday, time to yourself seems like a dream some days.

I have had to make a conscious effort to create a morning routine that allows me to set my days up right. This allows me to be ready for my children as they wake up, because once they are up, IT’S ON!

Since this change, I feel less anxious, more focused and I generally feel more joy going into my day. It’s been an amazing shift on how my days fold out and I feel wholeheartedly, that creating an intentional morning is a must!

I like to keep my morning routine simple and effortless. Preparing yourself the night before can help tremendously.

Alleviate the chaos before it happens. Words to live by.

This intentional morning routine is really for anyone. Whether you work outside of the home or stay at home with the kids.

All of this is done before checking emails, social media or turning on the T.V. Release yourself from any access to this. This morning routine is to focus on your intention for the day ahead.

This will definitely impact your day in a positive way.

So, let’s get to it!

Start Your Day With Intention - A Morning Routine - What does your mornings look like? If you start your day with intention you will set the tone for an amazing day! Here is a look at my Intentional Morning. #startyourdayright #morningroutine #mindfulliving #conlonlaceblog

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Start Your Day With Intention – A Morning Routine

Wake up early

This will be different for everyone. I generally give myself an extra 2-2 1/2 hours more from when my children wake up. This is about 5:30am for me.

If you work outside of the home try to give yourself an extra 2 hours before you leave for work. While it takes some practice in building the habit, having that extra time is crucial to setting the tone for the day.

Say goodbye to the days of pressing snooze and say hello to new habits.

Practice gratitude

This can be done mentally or through journaling. Everyone has a preference as to how they practice gratitude.

I prefer to run through all the things I am grateful for while I am still lying in bed taking in my surroundings. This list is generally the same with some added tributes here and there. I just run them through my head.

If you journal, it would be great to leave your journal and pen next to your bed and reach for these when you wake up.

This is the ultimate habit to starting your day with intention. Staying aware of what you are grateful for on a daily basis truly helps in shifting your energy and keeping you aligned to receiving more joy in life.

Simple gratitude for things like your family, your home, food on the table will always serve you in a positive way.

Quiet time

I carry my thought provoked gratitude through to my routine of brushing my teeth and preparing my coffee. Making sure to feel that gratitude while thinking of it.

The awareness of  it is one thing but make sure to really FEEL those feelings that those people, things or experiences bring to your life. It makes all the difference to be connected not just mentally but emotionally as well.

This makes those mundane tasks you do every morning less unconscious and more conscious.

Say Affirmations

Saying affirmations set you up for a day of a positive mindset and attitude. This will keep you on the path of inspired living and provide a little self-love every morning. Yes, please!

You can find affirmations for many different facets of life. What I have done is saved some images to my phone with my favorite affirmations. I created a folder to keep them all in one place and every morning during this time I run through these statements.

When choosing affirmations, keep them in the present like ‘I am abundance’, ‘I trust my inner light to guide me’, ‘I am attracting high-vibrational experiences’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am loved’, ‘I am blessed’. 

Just to list some of my faves.

This is whats known as a positive creative activity that will keep you at a higher spiritual consciousness. Yet another great asset to shifting mindset.


When I do this versus not, I notice an incredible difference in my day. That says something!

I am still new to this practice, being only a few months of actively trying to make it a part of my routine. My morning routine is the best time for this practice. It’s quiet, I’m in the right head space and it sets up my day for amazing possibility.

But having little ones, I am never quite sure when one of my children will surprise me with an early rising. My son will generally make an appearance around this time. So, it truly varies from day-to-day whether I can get this practice in.

When I can, I keep them short. About 15 minutes is a great amount for me, guided meditations work great for this as I am not at the point of doing them myself….yet.

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There are great guided meditation podcasts and you can find many on YouTube as well. Just a small bit of time with a big takeaway. I feel more focused when I have done this for the day. I also feel a higher creative flow and a clearer vision for accomplishing certain goals. It truly taps into the things we can’t attain on a conscious level.

Personal Development

This is the last bit of my intentional morning. I take 15-30 minutes focusing on just personal development. This can be reading a bit of a book or enjoying it on audio, listening to a podcast, or watching a video.

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Some recent books I have enjoyed:

Taking some time every morning to work on you and your personal growth is essential. This will propel you into your day feeling inspired and uplifted.

In finality

Establishing these morning habits will set the tone for day, allowing to approach it with a positive mindset and therefore attract the same.

Since approaching my mornings with intent I have seen a tremendous shift in not only myself but those around me as well. I am continuously gaining answers to sought after questions the more I practice these habits.

Imagine eliminating the chaos of your morning, gaining insight, starting off on a positive foot and attracting great things…

Well, just get started with some intention.


Do you start your day with intention? If so, what do you do in your routine? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below

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  1. Hey Christina (I know you from BTC.)
    For me, this would mean time with God. I’ve slipped away from my early morning prayer time. You inspire me to get back to it. Mine is much the same as you said: Being grateful for what God has done for me, and telling Him so—even though He already knows. But, it’s good for ME to focus on the blessings He has given me. It would also include praying for divine order in the lives of those who mean so much to me. Reading His Word encourages me, and sometimes really speaks out to me, giving me peace about concerns, reassuring me that He has my life well in hand and has a good plan for me, and is guiding me—as I put my hand in His and walk with Him, trusting Him with my life and concerns. Yes, a quiet time of reflecting on the positive opens the way for more good things to come into one’s life.
    Cindy, DIY Bohemian

    1. That’s beautiful Cindy, when I wake up and in my gratitude I share that with Him. I take time in my evenings before bed with Him as well. Yes, it is so important to stay aware of what’s good in our lives vs focusing on what is lacking. Thank you so much for sharing. ?

  2. These are great tips, I believe it’s so important to start your day off right, thanks for sharing this! Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

  3. I do this too! I don’t have kids but I also wake up at 5:30 so I don’t need to rush my routine, also because I like incorporating exercise in there. I love You Are A Badass so much! Have you read the Miracle Morning? It’s really good. It’s what got me started with doing a morning routine 🙂

    1. That’s great! I tend to work out in the afternoons but if I could knock it out in the morning, I would. I have yet to read the Miracle Morning but have heard good things. It’s definitely on the list!

  4. I constantly tell myself to get up early and meditate, or just get right for the day. So far, I haven’t been able to pull it off consistently! I’m going to send this to my daughter who is pregnant.

    1. Just like any new habit, it takes time to make it stick. Thank you and I hope your daughter finds some value in this.

  5. Taking the time to have a morning routine makes such a difference!! For me, not a morning person, it took some time, but I agree with so many of your ideas, and have adopted a few of them myself!

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks so much.

  6. Sounds like you don’t need to read Miracle Morning because you’re already doing it! This is awesome. My hubs and I did it for a while and then got sick or went on a trip or something and haven’t been able to get back into it. I LOVED it. Was very tired but loved that time in the morning. Not sure how I am going to get myself back there but I need to do it. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Of course! I was never a morning person myself but after having children I have made a conscious effort to train myself to become one. Now, I LOVE my time in the mornings.

  7. I love this so very much! In fact, I am working on a similar routine to fit into my life. Especially as a mom, it is so easy to stay up late “just for some quiet, alone time” that it wrecks the next morning. Fingers crossed that it works as well for me as it seems to for you.

    1. Yes as a mom it can be hard to find that time. Building this habit has been a life-changer for me. I am sure it will do the same for you. Thanks so much!

  8. This is such a wonderful reminder that we do need to slow down and take some time for ourselves!

    1. Yes we do! Thank you.

  9. While I can’t see myself waking up early, I’m not a morning person, I do love the idea of setting an intention for the day. I used to do this practice and found it really helped. Just a few minutes in the morning to practice gratitude makes such a difference.

    1. Your right, it does! Thanks so much for reading.

  10. I am very glad that I discovered this blog. A beautiful entry, full of interesting motives. Nice post! Regards

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