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Volo! What is it?

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Today is about Volo! But before we get into it…

Last week did not allow for much writing unfortunately. But of course, the wheels kept on turning so here we are. I am excited to see what everyone is up too and share some news.

Also, I turned another year older this past Wednesday and feel so good! I am ready for anything! With this renewed energy has come new opportunities.

Recently, an amazing one fell into my lap. When I wasn’t even looking I came upon this awesomeness.

What is it? drumroll please…


What in the world is that, you say?

Well, it is the first spiritual network marketing company EVER! This company is a breed of its own and came to me in such an organic way.

It felt meant to be.

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What is Volo

Volo is a movement. Gone worldwide! It is the first Personal Growth company of its kind. With interest in the people. With interest in changing the world.

Making people better versions of themselves and in turn making the world a better place.

This company is about community, building people up, improving their lives and helping those find more happiness in all aspects of that.

Right now, is an amazing time for this!

How it works

The focus is centered around the following:

  • happiness
  • manifestation
  • the law of attraction
  • yoga
  • mindset
  • abundance
  • crystal energy
  • relationships

Whatever it is you want to improve on, the following will be available: training, video courses, accountability and support.

More specifically:

  • Amazing instructors – the best and most relatable instructors to help change your life
  • Effective training – built for interaction and engagement that will help you make changes quickly
  • Community – support is provided allowing you to stay accountable and on track

Why VOLO, Why Now

This company piqued my interest like nothing else before in this industry. The times we live in are tough. People have trouble staying positive and pushing forward. It’s heard on the news everyday.

We need to be kinder to each other. We most definitely need to be kinder to ourselves.

Personal development can be a benefit to anyone! It allows us to looker deeper within ourselves and learn. As well as open boundaries of creativity and help us to see our true potential.

It betters our relationships with others when we have deepened the one with self. We get mentally stronger and start to develop a clearer vision for what we want in life.

We can learn to attract all that we want in life, in relationships, in our work, with a little extra focus on our personal selves’.

Volo Growth

This company is bringing personal development to the masses. This is a GLOBAL movement! The company founders Sean & Samantha have a real passion for helping people and it’s contagious.

Volo just soft launched on June 4, 2018, and is already making waves. We are growing and there our opportunities to join the movement!

Like I said we just soft launched. The full potential of this company hasn’t even begun to show. The ripple effect has already started though!

Change your life. Change the world.

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If you have interest in working from home and potentially becoming a Personal Growth and Spiritual  Coach, click to learn more. Also, feel free to email me with any questions at christina@conlonlace.com or message me on Facebook!

I am excited to connect with you!

What kind of personal development do you apply in your everyday? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. That is too cool and definitely needed. So happy to learn about it, thanks!

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for reading.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Definitely sounds like it focuses on the right things. We really do need to be kinder to ourselves and others.


    1. Yes we do, thank you. 🙂

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