Weekend Recap: Big Birthdays

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Hey there! It’s Monday again just like that.  This last few days just flew on by.  This weekend was cold and came with LOTS and LOTS snow.  Friday was an all day event when it came to shoveling.  Every year we say this is the year we buy a snow blower and then the season ends until we’re too late in the season next year. Ha!  Luckily, there are some great neighbors in our mist.  Everyone is happy to give a hand. 🙂

Yesterday was my husband’s 40th birthday!  A big one and I think it snuck up on him.  Because it’s such a memorable birthday we started celebrating on Thursday with drinks, family and loud music.  My daughter directing the dance party and putting in music requests.  My son is showing a great enthusiasm for music just like her which is a thing to watch.  He’s another big dancer.  Seeing them holding hands and get down together is just the cutest!!!


Saturday night was all about good food and drinks.  My husband is still recovering from an injury a few months back that had him laid up and out of work.  Thankfully we are on the horizon of some healing and he’s walking and just getting back to work.  So he wanted to keep things simple as far as celebrations were concerned.  We went to Maple Tree Inn.  If you are ever in Chicago and can venture out to this gem.  I highly recommend it.  It’s located in a building that dates back to 1890 and once housed a forbidden speakeasy during prohibition.  It has small local vibe, features a Cajun/Creole cuisine, craft beers and drinks.  Delicious!

The night carried on with more drinks, viewing of the Bulls game and more conversation.  I think keeping it simple was just what he needed to get back in the swing of things.

Sunday morning took some recovery time ha, so a lazy morning was had by all.  I made him his favorite cake and we ended the day at his moms for dinner and goodies.  It was a nice weekend.  The snow didn’t stop us as it shouldn’t.

Our makeshift ’40’ candle topper lol

Now the hubby is back to work.  I have my cuddle monkey on my lap (my little guy) and it’s time to get this week going!

Cheers to a great one!

Christina xx

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