Why I Really Work In Network Marketing - What might not be the obvious answer. #homebusiness #networkmarketing #directsales #conlonlaceblog
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Why I Really Work In Network Marketing

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Network Marketing is a fantastic way to make additional income from home. Whether it’s just a side hustle or you are determined to make it a full-time income, it’s a great springboard to do so.

However, it’s not always easy. It requires you to take risks, try new things, be open to new ideas, new people and making effort to stay consistent.

You have to be committed to make Network Marketing work for you.

That is me just being honest.

But what is the real reason I started in Network Marketing? Well, let’s see…

Why I Really Work In Network Marketing - A refreshing take on my 'Why'. #homebusiness #networkmarketing #directsales #conlonlaceblog

Why I Really Work In Network Marketing

I am not new to the field of Network Marketing. In 2011, while I was in between jobs I started with a company in the industry. It was in the healthcare niche and I was completely green. I had no clue what Network Marketing really was or how I was even going to make it work.

But I wanted something to do.

I was having trouble finding a sufficient job and had become pregnant with my first child. Being creative, thinking outside the box and learning new things is always a necessity for me. (Gemini’s, can you relate?)

This company helped fulfill those needs for me.

I fell in love with Network Marketing. Not for the income potential or even the service we were providing, but for the community of it all.

The people, the personal development, the support.

It was all very enjoyable for me and it left me feeling like I accomplished something for the day that was for myself. Ya’know, other than handling the daily needs of my child, the house, the dogs, the husband and the in between.

Yes, rally on ladies!

I continued with that first company for 2 1/2 years but lost passion for the service we were providing. So, I stepped away and focused on my baby girl and enjoyed all the mama bits that come with that first baby. I truly didn’t anticipate returning to it.

Fast forward a bit and I’m pregnant with baby number two and felt like I needed something.

I went through a few different companies, one based in beauty and I even tried online boutiques, just looking to find something that made complete sense. Unfortunately, they all lacked in something for me. I even joined a company that I believed would be my home just to be mislead and then forced to move forward as they decided to shut their doors. I mean, really? That last company, you’d think would finally be the company that prompted me to walk away from this industry but…

…I think it just lit a fire under me to push further and finally find my home and I did; in health and wellness. A lifestyle I already live!


This industry is a blast for me, I really find joy in it. It’s not the income potential or the dreams of more vacations and extra money for the kids college fund. Yes, these things matter but I feel like it’s icing on the cake. I get to meet fantastic people everyday. Recently, I connected with another mama from the UK and I’ve had amazing conversations with people from places in Canada and all across the states.

Being a stay at home mom is one my husband and I feel strongly about, at least while the kids are little. For me, growing up with a single mom, who worked her little tushy off to support us left me always missing her and wanting to see her more. That’s where that need to be with my kids now comes from but I still want a little more for myself. Just something that belongs to me and just me. Where I can again, fulfill those needs to be creative and think outside the box.

Because guys, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

Masterminding with the like-minded on a daily basis, trying new things and working on my personal growth is where the passion builds from for me. It really makes this industry fun.

And life should be fun…

…so, I plan on having some.

Why l Really Work In Network Marketing - A little about why I choose to work in Network Marketing, it may not be the obvious answer. #homebusiness #networkmarketing #directsales #conlonlaceblog

Are you interested in a Network Marketing business to join? Or curious to know what it is I do? LEARN MORE HERE.

What is your WHY for joining your NM business? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know.

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