Why Network Marketing Is A Great Option - Here are just some reasons that Network Marketing is a great industry to join. If you want to supplement your income or you just seek a home business and want to be your own boss, this may be for you. #networkmarketing #homebusiness #workfromhome #beyourownboss #conlonlaceblog
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Why Network Marketing Is A Great Option

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Network Marketing and why? Many are familiar with this industry and other’s may still have misconceptions about it to.

Where do you stand?

You may have gotten involved with a company in the past or are currently in network marketing or you have steered clear because someone left a bad taste in your mouth.

Well in any case, that is the conversation today.

In 2011 I started with my first Network Marketing company. I had no idea what I was doing when I started but I learned a lot along the way. My direct upline was a top earner in the company and they had a vested reputation. It had been  around for many years previously at that point.

I fell in love with the industry and stayed with that particular company for almost 3 years. While I built a team, gained friends and had a mentor in my upline, I began to feel a disconnect. I lacked passion for the product and/or service we were providing and that’s where my conflict was.

In Network Marketing the opportunities are abundant. There is so much possibility to be had within it. However, it has to be the right opportunity for you.

There are so many choices when it comes to companies in this industry. All have their own product, service and opportunity and you have to be clear that what they represent is something that you align with and believe in because if you don’t you won’t find success.

Just sayin…

…and if you do, you may still feel as if something was missing.

I mean, that’s how I felt then.

So I walked away from it. It just didn’t feel right and honestly I didn’t think I would return.

Some time went by and I tried some direct sales and again couldn’t find something that spoke to me the way it needed to.

That’s what Network Marketing sort of is, it’s like a calling to help other’s, change lives and inevitably taking the path to building the life that you desire. That is truly what this industry represents.

When you are in alignment with a particular product, service or opportunity there is no telling what you can do.

Some people don’t understand this industry. Some think it’s all a scam or ‘to good to be true’ but the truth is that could not be further from the reality.

Many, many people have found true success in this industry, have built strong, profitable businesses and have even become wealthy. The framework is there for you and the choice is yours whether you want to make the opportunity work in your favor or not.

Now, it does take work. Not gonna lie. But Network Marketing is an awesome option for those that either want to supplement their income or just start a business from home.

Today I’m sharing some reasons why this industry may be one for you.

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Why Network Marketing Is A Great Option - Here are just some reasons that Network Marketing is a great industry to join. If you want to supplement your income or you just seek a home business and want to be your own boss, this may be for you. #networkmarketing #homebusiness #workfromhome #beyourownboss #conlonlaceblog

Why Network Marketing Is A Great Option

Low overhead to start

Business can be a big investment. Finding a location, paying employees, product, etc. can become one that is overwhelming and yes expensive. Because the investment can be so big, profits can potentially be delayed for some time.

Network Marketing offers the option to start a business from home with low overhead and the ability to start making a profit from the get go.

Finding your perfect product, service or opportunity with a company that you believe in is the driving force in your success. You need to see the vision in the company that you choose and that is what will propel you to the success you desire.

Training and Mentorship

This industry has been around for a long time. Many have come before you, paving the way and teaching other’s their knowledge. Anyone can learn these strategies, apply it and find success in this industry.

There is an abundance of training on various topics and it’s fantastic to have this information at our fingertips.

The key is to finding a mentor. Someone that you feel like you can relate to, someone you can trust and someone who teaches in a way that you can understand and implement.

There are so many great mentors and trainers that have been sprung from this industry. You just have to seek out the knowledge and apply it. Take chances and have an open mind to the possibilities from stepping out of your own comfort zone.

Residual Income

This may be the biggest draw for many that have started in this industry. Residual income is built from the work you do in the beginning and continues to pay out to you over time. Money that basically comes in your sleep for setting a little ground work.

This is where the financial success comes from growing month after month, year after year.

If you have a dream life envisioned for yourself or you want to go on that extra vacation every year or by that car you’ve always wanted, starting that path to residual income will get you there and then some.


Network Marketing allows for flexibility in the way that you work your business. If you work full-time or are a stay at home parent (like myself) you can work this business model around your schedule. That is what is wonderful about it, you can get closer to your dreams with the time that you can spare.

Be your own boss and reach those financial goals in the pockets of time you can spare. It’s brilliant.

Keep in mind

This industry is one that is strong and not going anywhere. We live in a digital world and the options for making money in this world are getting bigger.

Sometimes we have to open our minds to the possibilities of a different way. A way that can potentially lead us closer to our dreams.

Since returning to the industry, I couldn’t be more happy with the company that I am with. Everything that it represents, the message, the vision for the future all spoke to me like nothing before.

That is want you want.

Life is about living.

Not being stuck behind a cubicle for our whole lives or answering to someone that needs us to make them richer (Unless of course that is the life you dream).

Life is about experiences and this industry can provide you the time freedom to have those experiences.

  • Have more time with loved ones.
  • See the places you’ve never seen.
  • Build a life you want.

It can be done. You just have to believe that it can and do the work.

Many times we get in our own way, allowing our limiting beliefs to run our lives and leave us wanting more.

Ask the questions…

What do I want? And What do I need to do to get there?



If you would like to know more about the industry, have questions, or need help finding a company for you  please feel free to email me at christina.conlonlace@gmail.com and we can connect.

To learn more about the Network Marketing companies I am with, READ HERE!


If you are in Network Marketing, please share what you do? If not, I’d love to know your thoughts on the industry. Please leave a comment below…


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  1. Neely Moldovan says:

    I for sure think its great for some people. I can understand why others aren’t into it

    1. Of course not all will be drawn to an industry like this but if you see the possibility and are interested in building something it can be a great way to do that.

  2. Im newish to blogging and have never tried network marketing but after reading your post, I feel like I`m missing out.will go out and try network marketing and see how it goes.

    1. Please let me know where that path leads you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It would be great to have some extra income, or flexible income.


    1. You are so welcome!

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