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Why You Are Amazing

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I just recently shared a quote by Margaret Mead, as follows, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

This made me laugh a little, because people always try to instill that are uniqueness makes us more special than the next person.  When in fact, we are all unique and therefore, special, maybe not more than the next person, but just as special.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to find our differences from other’s as special but in most cases it is the epitome of it.

Why would I want to be exactly like the next person?  Why would I want to follow the trends?  Why would I never veer off the chosen path?  Or, reflect my life up against another?

I have always been a sensitive type, I find it easy to really listen to people, I can smell bullshit a mile away and can usually sense a person’s intent.  Maybe, it’s how I grew up, the disappointments I have encountered or just the way I am built.  If you have faith or believe in something, the belief that you were made with purpose is the truth in your heart.

Everyone has a purpose, everyone has something to share, everyone knows something that you may not and everyone has a story.

People have pain, people have anger, people have heart, they have kindness, and they have love.  Sharing with each other keeps people close, it keeps people connected.  What is different about you may be the perfect story, to which, means something to me or to the next person.  So share it.

Show me why you are amazing.  I want to see it and know it.  Life is a short one, we are here to learn, grow, reflect, share and love.  There is always a place for that special part of yourself.  You have the opportunity to make something better just for being you, so don’t miss out.

Share it.



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