Work With Christina - work with me in my network marketing company and be your own boss, create time freedom and build a life that you love! #workfromhome #beyourownboss
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So, you want to work with me? I LOVE that!

The fact that you want to partner with me in one of my home business opportunities is so exciting and proves that YOU want more!

If you want to become your own boss then you are right where you NEED to be!

I have personally been in Network Marketing since the end of 2011 and can’t say enough amazing things about the industry. The opportunities are life changing, the community is great but you have to have a passion for the company that you choose! These companies sparked that passion for me!

The reasons I chose these companies to work with:

  • The mission and vision
  • Wonderful Leadership
  • The trending market in the health and wellness industry
  • The fact that I would personally buy the product as well as having mass market appeal
  • The values fit my brand and my passions
  • This business can be ran completely online (no parties required)

Now, those are some pretty amazing reasons to get started. These are things that stood out to me and I would only hope that they would appeal to you as well!

We would be working together on this, so I want to make sure that you feel strongly about it. Passion, is absolutely needed in this industry. If you don’t have it, this may not be for you.


if YOU are ready to take this ride with me and you are going to WORK hard, then I know you can ROCK this business…

and be a work from home BOSS!


Now, if you’re in…I’m in…


  • Have a Positive Mindset
  • Be Coachable
  • Have a desire for Success
  • Be a person that Shows Up
  • Be ready to have some fun

If this sounds like you…

…then choose an opportunity that aligns best and take the tour!

Work from home in health and wellness sharing plant-based products to balance the body on a cellular level. #workfromhome #homebusiness #beyourownboss #conlonlaceblogCLICK HERE to start a GROUND-FLOOR opportunity in health and wellness. An anti-stress formula that balances the body on a cellular level. Set to be featured in the 2019 edition of the Physician’s Desk Reference. 




Work from home in health and wellness sharing plant-based, organic products promoting optimal wellness. #workfromhome #homebusiness #beyourownboss #conlonlaceblog

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Not sure? Or have questions? Send me an email at and we can see what fits best.

Excited to connect!!!

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